Visualizing My Own PLN

One of my new favorite vocabulary words as a result of this class is centered around the idea of living and learning through a connected environment.  Have you ever been tasked with a project that you had no clue how to start, challenged by an idea that should be possible but you’re not sure how, or, perhaps even more simply, have you ever started to Google something and ended up down a multitude of rabbit holes?  Then perhaps it is time for you to get connected.

Connectivism, as cited by the always helpful Wikipedia, presents us with a theory resting in beliefs such as:

  • Learning and knowledge rests in diversity of opinions.  
  • Learning is a process of connecting specialized nodes or information sources.
  • Maintaining and nurturing connections is needed to facilitate continual learning.
  • Perceiving connections between fields, ideas and concepts is a core skill.
  • Currency (accurate, up-to-date knowledge) is the intent of learning activities.
  • Decision-making is itself a learning process. Choosing what to learn and the meaning of incoming information is seen through the lens of a shifting reality. While there is a right answer now, it may be wrong tomorrow due to alterations in the information climate affecting the decision.

PLNs, Personal (or Professional) Learning Networks, can provide the opportunity to stay connected in such a way that Connectivism becomes a living theory….

So as I near the end of my Masters studies and think of my personal and professional interests and goals, I decided that the term ‘Connected Educator‘ should lead me in the creation of such a network.  But oh my…where on earth to start??

So I went back through every topic and tool we’ve discussed in class, others I’ve utilized over time and still others blogged about by classmates and out in the great beyond (a.k.a the internet via keyword ‘PLN’).  And so here it is, My PLN, in its beginning glory.  It will need to be expanded, updated, maintained and utilized in order to be found worthwhile.  But it is a roadmap of my own personal Connectivism and one that I know will be useful in the future near and far.

Still a little unsure on how to start your own??  Check out this one last video…have I mentioned how much I love You Tube? 🙂


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