A New Use for Wordle

I remember when I first saw a Wordle.  I thought it was not only the coolest thing I’d ever seen, but I wanted to find a way to use it-somewhere.  Bringing creativity to the world of education is not only a way to continue to breathe life into your own material (which in turn can also help to keep it relevant), but it is also a way to find an abundance of opportunities to connect with your audience.  How often has someone shown you something and it stuck with you primarily because when you first saw it you thought…that was so cool!!

So with all of that said, imagine my excitement as I clicked on the ‘additional resources’ link today and realized that a Wordle could also be used as a social bookmarking tool.  I love that you can paste the entire article into the little box and you suddenly have a cool way to find prominent themes in the text.  And by choosing to share it with the world, you can then create an individualized url that allows you to save it to a bookmarking site.  This url could then be used for other internet based resources to house everything in one place.  Perhaps an extra step for some, but what a fun and eye-catching way to create a sort of abstract that you can use to quickly go back and find what could be useful-depending on your needs!

Wish you had a visual?  Check out this link of the one I created for one of our articles this week: http://www.wordle.net/show/wrdl/8183819/Wordle_as_a_social_bookmark

So fun!


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Graduate Student at Virginia Commonwealth University studying the theoretical world of Adult Learning along with its relation to Human Resources Developement. View all posts by hdjackson

One response to “A New Use for Wordle

  • stanlyam

    Hi Holly, I like to think of Wordle as not a bookmarking tool but instead as a visualization tool that enables visualization of text by highlighting the most used tags/words. So a Wordle could be used to stimulate conversation or analyze text

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