Shall I Trial It?

I was so excited about the various tools and their potential on Wednesday in class.  The timeline was perhaps my favorite as my imagination began to visualize the possibilities for reflection.  I began to think about my own reflection that will be coming due soon enough…as I round the corner to the end of my graduate studies (or is it???:), the need for a final reflection is also looming.  I wonder if in addition to the digital story, I may also use the timeline feature that we discussed in class.  How perfect that would be for the visual piece of the story as I think through and present my own progression over the last several years.  And as I think of this one possibility, I can’t help  but think about what other opportunities could be found within these tools we are discovering.  The world of education is truly evolving, and the possibilities for self expression to further a students’ understanding, retention, learning…is truly becoming just a mouse click away.


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4 responses to “Shall I Trial It?

  • stanlyam

    Holly, I’m glad you are finding some ways in which you might use some of the tools we looked at in class. As we continue to explore different tools you’ll find that there are many ways in which we can combine several tools to create rich narratives. With regards to our conversation about eportfolios I would suggest this article

    it touches on several of the things we talked about in class

  • lsniestrath

    I received a message from Linkedin recently alerting me to your new job. Congratulations. I hope that the tools that you’ll explore in this class will provide possibilities for you to consider in your new position. When I discovered an electronic timeline, I thought that I would be a fabulous tool for the Educational Autobiography that is written in the 601 class. I couldn’t imagine that anyone would wish to read my autobiography. Far too much of it is personal, however, a timeline with links, images and reflections infused with theories of learning would be a great alternative to posting a paper. Adult workers with limited language skills might find the timeline a useful tool for documenting or measuring work in a linear fashion. Looking forward to learning along with you! Have fun.

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