Can PLNs Lead to Greater Learning?

In thinking about the readings for week 1 and the idea gleaned from the article Learning Networks in Practice by Stephen Downes, I can’t help but appreciate the notion that PLNs are creating an environment where students are no longer encouraged to stay on topic or, in a way, to stay within the lines.  This new method of learning, whether used in adjunct or primarily, can provide the opportunity to open up possibilities for individualized learning that can equal greater retention and interest overall.   While structure may be the hardest thing to create in these learning avenues, the possibilities to provide such a vast way of meeting the learner’s desires is intriguing to say the least.  I’d love others thoughts on this, as online learning and LMS systems were not a strength at my previous employer and my inexperienced mind is just beginning to open up.



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One response to “Can PLNs Lead to Greater Learning?

  • Mo

    The challenge for me is to keep up with all the people I am connected with. I created a PLN for one of the classes I took. I really enjoyed taking the time to find out what other people are doing and researching. You get motived to do something!

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