Monthly Archives: August 2014

Connected Learning

Admittedly, I have been overly excited about this class this semester due to my knowledge opportunities when it comes to the internet and learning. As I’ve gone through the program here at VCU, I have truly come face-to-face with the possibilities that are out there – as well as how much I can use myself. This discovery has led to a revised passion to not only understand what helps adults learn, but to also discover the various ways to get them there. The video that we watched on the Networked Student was a perfect representation of where I’m finding myself and my realizations as I continue to propel forward. There are a variety of ways that students, young and adult, can learn in today’s society. And, as those standing at the front of today and tomorrow’s classrooms, we must realize that we are no longer there to know and provide all of the answers. We are instead there to help guide them on ways to find and understand the quality information that they seek, using methods that will prove most meaningful, useful and helpful to them.