Are We Still Just Evolving Into What Could Be?

If you’ll forgive me, I’m continuing my reflection from my interview and paper into my blog this time….in hopes that perhaps I may spark some conversation….and maybe even add a bit to my reflection?

My own organization is itself going through a bit of change as we find ourselves learning and shaping as a result of new leadership as well as other decisions being made from even further up the chain. And so when I found myself interviewing my VP of HR for our assignment this week, I realized that I came with not only questions that fit the assignment-but could also be a fit for my own internal musings as well.   And while all of the questions that I brought to the interview were either asked or answered without prompt, I marveled at how often we came back to the seemingly same theme regarding relevance despite the question asked.  A theme perhaps that most would find unsettling, but one that I found provided a different feeling for my own internal struggles.

I was amazed to find myself leaving with a feeling of better clarity. As suggested, we are going through a tremendous amount of change as a facility as well as an organization when it comes to HRM, HRD, and OD functions.  But I feel a bit more understanding now.  With a tremendous amount of thanks owed to our class thus far for the further shaping of my changed lens, as well as for the opportunity to ask important questions that helped to open my eyes more in my own world. Knowing that my organization is truly trying to further define what these roles are and what they should mean for our organization is, in a word, a bit encouraging.  And while that part may not be as clear as I’d like it to be right now, I wonder if it’s a step in the direction of helping to shape that permanent understood relevance.  Perhaps the future of Organizational Development and/or Human Resources Development has only just begun?


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2 responses to “Are We Still Just Evolving Into What Could Be?

  • maryrwaters

    From our discussions in class and your blog, it sounds like your work has the potential to go in a direction that heavily focuses on OD in terms of strategic importance. I think it’s a major step when a company has employees (and a whole department) that “fights” for relevance and can see the big picture. When I say big picture, it sounds like your supervisor has some type of clarity over why OD matters to long term, strategic planning for the company and is pushing to be more a part of those top tier discussions with your boss. I know it’s hard in class when we learn about all the awesome potential OD has to offer corporations and you want to see that immediate gratification at your own workplace (at least I do :). I agree with you that at least your company (more specifically your supervisor) is taking steps in the right direction! It just takes time.

  • Elizabeth

    Hang in there, Holly! It sounds that you may have an exciting road ahead of you. If your new manager has a better understand of how HRD adds value to the organization and she has more influence, you may find that you’re a large part of making all the changes that your company is going through a success. I don’t know how your company is structured, but I would recommend working in some of your influence as well through conversations. You always have such great insight in class and if people see that throughout your current organization as well, they’ll know exactly where HRD and OD “fit in.” 🙂

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