Monthly Archives: February 2014

Human Resources Development, Still a New Idea?

As I continued my reading this week and began journeying into our text, Productive Workplaces, I was struck by the time frames of when our field came to be.  I suppose I had never truly considered when the concepts of employee happiness, on-boarding, recruitment, retention, engagement, workplace learning, etc. all became important to the local business; but I truly thought the appreciation had older roots than it apparently does.

So I pause to consider growth in the business sector over time, the globalization of our companies and the diversity of our populations; and I find myself wondering if I would be remiss to not think about this as one inherent factor in why the HRM and HRD fields came to be?  And of this same vein I wonder if this growth and diversification is what began opening the minds and support of those leaders that our field needs in order to be successful?  For an open mind is necessary when creating awareness, and awareness regarding the impact of what we can bring to the success of a company is still a work in progress for many.

But again, the ideals of business have much deeper and older roots than the idea of HRD and its importance.  So I can’t help but wonder what may be to come in the field in coming years as more and more understand and appreciate what each of us have already come to know…..

So with apologies for my far-reaching thoughts (hopefully put to words in a coherent way:), I end with a question to others….is HRD still somewhat of a new idea?