ABO’s-My Most Eye Opening Experience This Semester?

While this is not my final post, I could not help but wonder as I typed a comment to a fellow blogger a few moments ago…did others struggle with creating their ABOs as much as I did? And while I could attribute my struggles to a natural reasoning of attempting to measure behavioral change, I can’t help but wonder if others had similar experiences and ah ha moments?   For what I DID find as I made my way through cell by cell on my ABO table is that I began to really look at the content from the perspective of how powerful it could truly be for some.  Analyzing the choices I was making in not only the delivery of the content, but also the tasks I was choosing to facilitate the learning, really made me consider what it was that I thought the learner should, could and would do with it once they left.  Because I was so adamant about wanting to make the class a hybrid so that they could make it more applicable for them, I think that this particular piece of the design was definitely the most difficult, but perhaps the most valuable as well.  So in this short post I am truly attempting to validate…or query….what did others feel?


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Graduate Student at Virginia Commonwealth University studying the theoretical world of Adult Learning along with its relation to Human Resources Developement. View all posts by hdjackson

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