Is it Finally Time to Drive Toward a Learning Culture?

As Schein notes in our text with references to the Drucker Foundation, 1999; Global Business Network, 2002; Schwartz, 2003; and Michael, 1985, 1991; “we basically do not know what the world of tomorrow will really be like, except that it will be different, more complex, more fast fast-paced, and more culturally diverse.”  (Schein, pg 365) A quote that rings so true with much of what I have observed not only within my own organization, but through observations of our world and society as a whole as well.  And yet despite, can we truly say that our organizations and those around us are embracing the benefits that a learning culture could/can bring to changes like these?  Noting the dates in the quote above, considering the publishing date of our Schein text (2010) and reflecting on others discussed in class throughout the semester; it seems surprising that the drive for a learning culture has not been adopted by more sooner.   As I stated in class yesterday, leaders of today and tomorrow must be forward-thinking,  with a grasp of not only what may be best for the organization in the now, but also what may be best to continue to stay viable in the future.

“Culture is a stabilizer, a conservative force, and a way of making things meaningful and predictable.” (Schein, pg 365)   Leaders with this understanding coupled with an ability to know the best and most suitable direction to lead their employees, I believe, can create and drive a culture that supports longevity and what we’ve learned this semester can be the makeup of a learning organization.  So I can’t help but wonder as we come to the close of the semester and our studies on this topic, where are organizations of our society headed?  Will org. cultures change as the world around us continues at its current pace?  Or will the idea of learning as an organization continue to be the tortoise in the race?


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One response to “Is it Finally Time to Drive Toward a Learning Culture?

  • Irene Lubker

    Mmm food for thought. I am beginning to wonder about that myself. Training for managers of the future will just have to include making sure that they (the managers) have the qualities that are conducive to creating organization learning.

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