Successful step forward in the contracting meeting

The first meeting with the client actually went really well. Albeit that a consultant would assume that the client would receive help with open arms as opposed to with reservation, the reality is that this is not always the case. As Block states in the chapters reviewed as of late, there are several things that the client may be feeling as the consultant first steps into the picture. How will this make them look? Is it a sign of failure that I’m reaching out for help? And of course, let us not forget those that are receiving the help even though they have not asked for it. How would you feel if you we’re told by your superior that they were bringing in someone to review and critique your processes? But, as Block states, it can be all in how you say things and just how well you listen. Resistance was not something that I encountered (thankfully) but the real test will be perhaps when it comes to delivering the findings…


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One response to “Successful step forward in the contracting meeting

  • Lindsey

    I’ll admit I would definitely feel offended if my boss asked for outside help without discussing the issues prior. This chapter allowed me to realize it happens more often than I would’ve guessed. If communication was open and I knew it was coming, then hiring a consultant would only partially offend me 😉
    While I like solving my own problems, I do think outside input can be helpful and broaden perspective. Sometimes I will analyze a situation to death and think I’ve considered every possibility until someone offers a completely different viewpoint I couldn’t see myself!

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