Beginning considerations for initial project meeting

As I read the text in regards to Block’s advice on preparing for your first meeting with the client, I had to pause on the part about the importance of using short statements. Reflecting back on my own experiences, I do find at times that it’s difficult for me to wait long enough for the client to be able to really tell me what’s on their mind. As a fixer I want to immediately launch into everything that I think I can do for them as well as anything additional that may help with their needs. So far I don’t think I’ve been to off-base, but I do wonder if I overwhelm? It also hit home a bit when I was reading some of the examples that he gave where the consultant was responding with an almost dissertation like statement. But then, further down you would see his corrected example, for instance “I would like for you to also attend the course on handling difficult conversations.”I have actually had these types of conversations before, but I cannot honestly say that my responses have ever been quite that short. In what I thought was my effort to help them understand, I may tend to over explain. I wonder if in fact I have ever lost any credibility by giving too much justification….So as I head into my initial meeting with the client next week, I will have to make sure that I have some very well thought out open ended questions as well as perhaps a pieceovertake for my mouth.


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One response to “Beginning considerations for initial project meeting

  • Lindsey

    This is a great observation you make about keeping information clear and concise. I too need to work on this for the same reasons you said- eagerness to fix and willingness to confirm understanding. The credibility question you pose made me think about Block’s warning in regards to repeating oneself more than 2 times…I’m trying to think back to how many times I could’ve possibly done that, unaware of the consequence. I’m appreciative the text has brought some new awareness to our behaviors and look forward to hearing how your initial meeting went!

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